For a few months now, street racers and burnout enthusiasts have been congregating at a parking lot not far from my home. Now, I don’t have a problem with people getting together to show off their cars, but they were also doing donuts on the frontage road and street racing around my neighborhood. You could hear the fart can mufflers for blocks as they tore up the neighborhood —and their tires. My son could hear them in his bedroom and kept him awake.

Either by chance, or by plan, they picked a great spot. Not only is there easy access to a toll frontage road, the lot is also right on the border of Austin and the surrounding Travis County. The lot is in the city, so that’s the purview of Austin Police. But as soon as they leave the lot and cross the street, they are in Travis County and the APD can’t (or won’t) follow them. 

On Saturday night, the cops moved in. It took a coordinated effort of APD, Travis County Sheriff, Williamson County Sheriff, State Troopers, and Round Rock Police to shut this down. Exits were blocked, streets were closed, citations were written. Fifteen were arrested for reckless driving. It remains to be seen if they will come back.

This video was shot before the property owner installed speed bumps every 10 feet or so. Cops arrive at the end, but they only ever just chased people away, just to have them come back the next weekend.