Fuck ‘em

This is not my bamboo, encroaching upon my innocent be’tarped Audi 4000 and BMW 2002 parts. This is his, on my side of the fence. He rents, and has made the entire back yard an insane bamboo grove complete with loud-ass irrigation system and illegal residence shack (which, oddly, was until recently occupied by a pretty cool dude, the only one on that property) which no one will do anything about because we’re in the unincorporated wild west, and he has a history of being a complete shitbag. One word: Pomeranians. Fucking dogs have fucking papers. I cleared this side of the house to prevent water intrusion before the last round of storms, there was nothing. This is less than 3 weeks growth. So, I chopped them just a bit above ground level and filled the rest with Pro Roundup, filled them with an entirely excessive amount of Roundup. See how his shit likes that. I’ve had little shooters over the property line before, but nothing this big, so it’s time to go nuclear. Might need to guerilla Roundup some on his side.