So now that my kids are a little older, I can go out to my expensively equipped garage to pull dents, grind a car to bare metal, beat it back into shape, and lay an obnoxious paint job on it.

We have no grandparents or anyone like that to pass off our kids on so up until last summer I had to stop and come in the house about every eight seconds. It got to the point that I knew better than to tear down the car slated for a multi year resto.

About 3 weeks ago, I got sick of looking at it and started to rip it apart. About two weeks ago I got irritated with it and went and tore my buddy’s Vega apart one night. That turned into me doing a good 20 hours of metal work at discount prices. Buddy gets an all-steel vega to build on, I get some car funding. Everybody happy.


So My nextdoor neighbor lady, Who we’ve gone at it with before, opines that Autobody work isn’t groovy in a residential area. We’ve invested time and money in keeping this lady happy and I’m out of patience. The thing is, she’s right. Autobody, is just about the loudest, nastiest most poisonous thing one can do with their time. That and she’s the type who pushbrooms puddles off her driveway while it’s raining and shovels while it’s still snowing. I’m not going to tread lightly enough ever.

So I’m thinking of offering up my project Mach 1 in trade for a running car I can drive for a few summers before I’m ready to commit to a project I’ve got a 73 yellow mach 1, cleveland, automatic, both spoilers, complete. And a whole ‘nother one scrapped for parts. I think I should be able to get a decent running “lesser” mustang in trade, shouldn’t I ?


The cars pictured are from an old guy’s stash. He’s got a patch that’s no longer too far out of the way, and will eventually have some nice mcmansions encroaching on it, so in preparation for that someone wants his collection (mostly, Caddies, Pontiacs, Buicks, and heavy on convertibles) gone. Neighbors. Sorry if it’s a stream of consciousness rant with bad grammar and punctuation, I have a sad and just cant’ right now.