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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

This message came through my neighborhood email group. Chris is a local restaurateur who runs a BBQ joint.

I have the ability to buy from food service distributors. Because of this, I bought my daily ration of eggs, toilet paper, and paper towels. Beginning today at 5:00pm I will be giving away these supplies if you are in need of them. Please come ONLY IF YOU ARE IN NEED. I will not be selling these items but I will take donations. I can resupply daily as long as this crisis continues and my distributors have product. We must limit each family to 1 dozen eggs, 2 rolls of TP, and 1 roll of paper towels. Again, I can resupply daily as long as there is a need in our community. Please bring your own container for the eggs.


I think I know where I’m getting my dinner tonight.


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