My neighbors in my row of townhouses keep taking my recycling bin and I have to steal it back from them. Two different neighbors have stolen it now. So here’s a picture of my car as I approached it on my way out of work, because it has nothing to do with recycling bins, but I like looking at it from this angle.

I live in a row of 6 townhouses, and we each have our own, large trash can size recycling bins. My wife and I are very good about keeping our recycling bin relatively non-disgusting and non-broken, but our neighbors, not so much. A couple months ago, one of the neighbors from the other end of the row “accidentally” took my bin instead of theirs, even though all of the bins have address labels on them.

Their bin was all shitty and broken and stupid, and one half of the lid was broken and “fixed” with a zip tie, but I took it to use temporarily. I figured the next time recycling was collected, they’d put my bin out out, and I’d grab it back when it was emptied. Trash is collected every week, and recycling is every other week, alternating with large item trash collection.

But nooooo, they filled up my bin with cardboard and other crap, and then went a month without putting it out on the curb. So after the second recycling collection in a row where they didn’t put my bin out, I took their empty bin over to their driveway, picked up my bin and dumped all their recycling shit into their bin, and took my bin back.


I thought that was the end of it, but I came home tonight from work to bring in the trash and recycling bins, and I couldn’t find my bin. I did however see my next door neighbors’ bin still on the curb and another bin in their driveway, so I checked and sure enough it was my bin in their driveway. It already had a bunch of cardboard boxes in it, even though recycling had just been picked up today! Their bin wasn’t broken but the inside of it was covered in some kind of disgusting residue.

Fuck that shit!


So I brought their bin into their driveway, and once again up-ended my nice clean recycling bin that had been filled up by some other asshole into their shitty recycling bin, and took mine back to my house.

What’s a man gotta do to keep neighbors from stealing his recycling bin all the time?

Barbarians, I tell you.