A 959 crashed/flipped a few days ago in Geneva. The cause, excessive speeding in wet conditions they say. This is the most painful thing I've seen all year... ;_;


The crash occurred a few days ago in Geneva, Switzerland and according to bystanders the driver was speeding despite the wet road and ultimately lost control, hitting a guardrail and then landing on its roof. Fixing up the roof made from Kevlar will probably cost a small fortune, but hopefully the supercar will be fully repaired.


To the rich bloke who crashed it, they only made 337 of these, and I've been very fortunate to have seen 3 them. So help me God and Ferdinand and Butzi Porsche, if you don't repair this car....I will come to your mansion or place of residence and make you sell everything you own to fix it(in my mind I would do that and maybe worse).


Just please repair it. ;_;