I’ve been working at home for the last few days for a coupla reasons. Long story short I’ve been watching the special edition original trilogy (star wars) on my CRT and laserdisc player while I did emails and turned pixels different colors for money.

Man alive the prequels don’t line up for crap continuity wise.

I mean ALLLL over the place they talk about the time period of the prequels and it doesn’t line up at all with the crap trip.

1. Anikan was older when he met obi won

2. Obi wan was trained by Yoda

3. Leia knew her mother

4. Obi never remembered owning an R2 unit?

Just for a kickoff.

Can you just imagine if Disney could just wipe the slate clean and redo the prequels with good stories and zero pandering or character cameos?


This is to say nothing of the terrible color and bad addition to the story that the special edition does to the originals. They add nothing and take away plenty. They deserve the derision they get.