Nervous and excited at the same time

I have a “medicated” stress test today because they could not get good ultrasound pics of my heart on the regular treadmill exam. They will bring my heart rate up with medication and stick me in a big CAT scan type machine. I am not looking forward to this. And I can’t have coffee this morning. This makes me nervous

I ride the Vespa to the trainer every morning. I am posting this as I get ready to leave. I am excited to leave this afternoon to head south for the commercial shoot with the Sunchaser tomorrow at 10 am. As a result of the appointment and the commercial, I did not sleep well last night.


I had a nice day yesterday, detailing the Sunchaser in the morning, and having a nice late lunch with our own SPAMBot, who was passing through Fresno on his way home from Yosemite. He is a nice person, and I was happy he reached out to meet up on his way. Any of you Opponauts pass through Fresno, feel free to reach out.

Pumpkin is having her morning snack and has no time for my nonsense.

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