Neutral: How Much of Your Time Do You Waste Sitting in Traffic?

Seems like a good topic of discussion for OPPO. I’m pretty lucky, in that I work in a not-too-big city and don’t have to contend with serious traffic congestion on a regular basis (unless there’s a wreck or construction on my route). If I leave my home just before 7:00, I get to work at 7:30, with some slow-downs in places but usually no stop & go, and if I leave my desk a few minutes before 5:00, I can make it home in about the same time (maybe 5 mins more). Half of my drive is country/suburban roads, and half is a straight shot on a freeway. Some days I envy people with a 15 min or less commute, but living out in the country is more than worth the additional half hour of my day.

So, who’s got the worst commute here, and who’s got the best? [edit] Wrong Wheel Drive might win the prize for most enjoyable! Wish I had more hills and curves on my way.


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