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Never do business with family

Remember my woe is me post about being forced to buy my mother in law's CRV?

Well, my wife is eating crow, not that I'm gloating. I'm really not. Her mom started emailing and calling us demanding to know why we haven't sold my Fit yet. The simple answer is I haven't had a serious offer. She thinks we should "liquidate it" for the $6,500 CarMax offered because I'll never get the $8,000-8,500 I'm asking. Even though I showed her a bajillion ads for other GD3 Fits that were all in the $9,000-12,000 range. And she's crying poor, that she's losing money on the car note for the Edge that replaced the CRV, even though we know she's never taken a loan on anything ever in the history of the world. She bought a $250,000 RV with cash 2 years ago.

Just to clarify, going into this deal it was take the CRV for $14,000, and take as long as you need to sell the Fit. We're in no hurry. So we paid $5,000 cash up front and planned to pay the proceeds from the Fit sale, plus whatever else we owed, once the car sold. Now, it's I need the money tomorrow so sell the car at a loss - essentially making a $14,000 CRV LX a $16,500 CRV LX.


I knew this would happen. I knew she would start bossing me around the second I agreed to the deal. I told my wife as much, but she insisted her mom just wanted to help us, not control us. It was causing so much strife I relented.

So I told MIL that if she needs the money that badly, she can have the CRV back to sell it for whatever she can get. Just give us back the $5,000 we've already paid and we'll call it even. No response.

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, "Argh!"

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