well, i drove my first hero car. and for the last two and half years i’ve been driving a 1991 jaguar xjs v12. i’ve driven it everywhere, literally, almost. i drove it from nyc to los angeles to seattle back to nyc. and its been, well, its a jaguar. but i’ve loved nearly every minute of it. its stranded me numerous times. broken alternator belts, worn out alternator, cooling systems, electric fans, faulty AC in death valley, ruptured fuel lines, transmission leaks, countless drained batteries... yet still i did my best to keep it rolling.

i’ve driven nearly 20,000 miles since i’ve owned her. but now that she’s leaking everything: oil, atf, coolant, exhaust, electrons, refrigerant, blinker fluid, i can no longer keep her on the road and maintain my responsibilities. alas, she will take nearly 3 months of my time to mend these problems, maybe more.

and so, i am moving on to my next hero car.

appropriately, in my first drive to test drive hero #2, the jaguar decided to run hot, eventually spewing coolant all over the roads of queens. as if she knew i was off looking for her replacement. but no, she has no sentience, and i eventually did drive hero #2, and i am smitten again. and soon one of these will be my new means of transport.



will let you know how this all goes...