After 14 hours of RE doing the tensioner gaskets on my clumsy wagon, my water pump decided to fail very slowly... but that is just the horrible start.

Even as a professional automotive technician, I wasn't paying attention to the temp gauge until it was half passed the halfway point. It never got close to the red by any means, but on a 16 year old car with 139,915 miles, it just enough for:

-total water pump failure

-cracked radiatori

-blown head gaskets (Confirmed)

I wasn't to far from home and my dad brought me all my tools. A bore scope is a wonderful tool to see your dying engine from the inside :'(

With abouuut.. $7 or $9 measly dollars in the bank, it is going to be a bit rough til payday.

On the bright side, I ain't even mad yo. Porque? Because my wife is here in the US with me! Old news but dayum I'm still ultra mega happy she is here! :]


Here she is fixing up her new studio for her Youtube channel. She is 400 subcribers shy of 20,000! Not bad.jpeg



*it happens to ALL cars, not just German. Reliability and ALL automotive stereotypes are absolutely false and have way too many contradictions.