Never go Full Italian (Update #1!)

**Shit’s still broke**

I ordered a new coil pack, but did not have a chance to swap it before I went on a two week vacation. I will not be touching it this weekend because a good friend conveniently scheduled his bachelor party in Portland, after my many requests to do it a weekend later. I do not feel like getting on another plane after flying ~47000 miles in the past two weeks, but here we are. It will be fun regardless! Hopefully I can get to it a week from Friday, and I really hope the coil is what is causing the issue. It was cheap and easy to swap so it seemed like a good starting point. I honestly don’t remember how long ago it was when I went on my last proper drive. I am in serious withdrawals. Let’s all hope the next update includes pictures of a hot redhead on a curvy road.

**Original post**

I woke up early this morning to meet Wrong Wheel Drive and GolfR Guy for a nice Saturday drive on Angel’s Crest Hwy. Started the 348 and proceeded to play musical cars to get the car out of the garage (had to move the bug out of the driveway, the 348 onto the street, then the bug back into the garage.) Everything seemed fine. I get about 3 blocks away from my house and my car starts running like shit. It seems like one bank is dead. ****. I pull into a neighborhood and the car dies. The worst crosses my mind and I go into full blown panic. I get out and look under the hood and there aren’t any massive leaks or anything so I try to start the car. It fires up but is still missing like crazy. I limp home, it dying every time I put it in neutral. After I get it back into the garage, I do a quick inspection for unplugged connections / any other obvious problems. No luck. I say screw it and take my pretty un-fun diesel economy car to the drive.


I still had a great time with the other oppos, but was bummed I couldn’t take the 348. GolfR Guy graciously gave me a ride to the top. Riding in a Golf R is more fun than piloting an old ass tdi beetle. That car just sticks and the DSG seems pretty magical.

Oh well. Hopefully I can figure out the problem and get it back on the road soon. Just old Italian car shit, I guess.

What I expected the morning to look like
What the morning actually looked like.

At least it is the weekend!

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