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Never has "8 inch uplift" looked so insignificant.

Think Kei trucks are cool? Like the Suzuki Jimny? Wish there was someway to merge the two and create something amazing? Say hello to the “Agetra”.

It basically takes small trucks, puts an “8 inch uplift” on them (what amounts to a large body lift and support structure) and merges the transfer case, axles, suspension and steering of the Jimny and create something greater than the sum of parts.


Size offroad is definitly an asset its not always bigger is better. Kei vehicles are limited in size to a max 134 inches long by 58 inches wide...or a little wider with these conversions...which makes them actually smaller than most of the 4 seat SXS on the market. Plus they have fully enclosed cabs, AC/Heat and are pretty carlike all around. Still with the largest of the tires fitted to these being roughly the stock size on a Tacoma TRD it really puts into perspective these aren’t “cars” as North American’s know them.

I love the flex of these things and they look pretty amazing too. To own one of these and a cabin in the woods is pretty much a dream come true for me. So much want.

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