Never judge a car for its idea (or something like that)

Hey Oppos.

Last Saturday I went to a classic car auction nearby, and want to share some random thoughts.


The cars were exposed, and in the selection were cars that I never had contact before. Before having any contact, some of them I liked the idea, some of them I disliked, and some of them I really did not care about.

But then I started seating in the cars and having trivial interaction with them. Opening doors, poppin the hood, seating in driver and back seat...and wow, this changed how I saw some of them!

Mercedes SL R129, for example. I really liked them, even had a 1:18 model when I was younger. Sat on the car and....meh. I can’t describe it objectively, but the car “didn’t speak to me”

Porsche Boxster 987, the same. weird ergonomics. But 944/924, I would definitely have one (despite them not being hyped).


Camaro 1968 and Mustang 1966, I imagined I would like. Enjoyed both, but Camaro had the upper hand.

Corvette C3, never really liked the shape, but hey it’s a Corvette, right? Well, I didn’t like being on its driver seat.


Jaguar XJ Series 2 was a good surprise. I never really cared, but I’d totally rock one of those.

The biggest highlight for me was the first-generation Range Rover. I never ever had any curiosity about them. I knew the history but never felt any desired. But when I got in it, me and the car had an instant connection. It felt good. It felt the right combination of classic and drivable. every detail pleased me. I never imagined how nice these cars can be.


But the great thing from this experience was: never trust what you read, watch, and hear from others. There’s always the possibility that a car will surprise you. I am definitely managing expectations and being more open-minded with cars from now and on.

You can find the cars here:



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