I just had my 30k mile service. The dealer rotated my tires, even though they didn’t need rotating and I was about to swap to summers anyway. I attempted that swap today, only to find they’d jammed on a cross threaded lug nut with an impact wrench. The wheel stud broke when I tried to remove it. I am, to use a technical term, pissed.

If parts stores have the part, there’s a chance I could make a miraculous recovery and fix this myself in time for work tomorrow. But I’m inclined to make the dealer do it. Not only is it still under warranty, but they’re the ones who screwed it up in the first place. This is why I never let anyone remove or install my wheels if I can possibly avoid it.

Unfortunately, I’m due back at work tomorrow after two weeks off. I now have two broken cars and I won’t bike in potential freezing rain. It won’t look good to work from home the day after a two week vacation, but I don’t see that I have a choice.