We’ve been away for a few days, and came back late last night to find a broken window in the dining room and glass scattered all across the floor. The place hasn’t been burgled and there was no rock inside, so I expected to find a dead bird outside the window when I looked this morning.

Got up this morning to find that no, the bird hadn’t bounced. he’d blown straight through and spent the last day or two crapping all over the dining room, lounge, kitchen and office! Opened a door for him and he flew out happy as a clam.


Bird in question was a NZ native wood pigeon: they’re about twice the size of an everyday urban pigeon, and dumb in proportion. They live in dense woodlands and are prone to thinking they’re starring in the Return of the Jedi speeder bike chase scene. If the dining room door is open you can see from the dining room window right through the kitchen to the other side of the house - I guess this guy figured through was easier than over. He was almost right.

Moral of the story: commitment is everything.

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