A New Zealand couple in their 60s locked themselves in their new car for 13 hours because they got in without the fob are stupid.

What kind of car was it? It was a Mazda 3 Hatchback.

I'm not sure how the fob works with this car, or if it's truly key-less. All I know is that I think I could have probably figured this out before 13 hours had come and gone.

Could someone explain how this system could have possibly confused the shit out this poor couple for 13 hours?

Thirteen. Hours.

The pair were stuck after a series of ''Murphy's Law'' events, including leaving the car's manual in the house, leaving the transponder outside the car and a combination of stress, night-time, and what they called a lack of information from a car salesperson.

After becoming trapped about 7pm on November 5, their attempts to escape included sounding the horn and trying to smash a window with a car jack.

Mrs Smith said it was Guy Fawkes night, and no-one would have noticed the horn due to fireworks.

When they were freed by neighbors about 7.45am the next day, she was unconscious and her husband was struggling to breathe.



There have been stories of people being locked in Corvettes before. Since the doors can not be unlocked without the fob, or the electronic door release switch won't work with a dead battery. Somehow, I have a little sympathy for them, since no one ever thought there would be a need for a hidden emergency release.

Oppo, what kind of mistakes would you expect a new-to-keyless-entry owner to make?