Never shared this, but in light of the recent Jalopnik post on first accidents...

Figured I’d share my story of my first accident from a little while ago.

This was about 6 months ago. I’m 21, lived off-campus with four friends in a tiny shack in the middle of nowhere just outside our college town (and therefore, our rent was dirt cheap).

I went out to the bar with a few friends, got home around 2:00 in the morning, and relaxed in the living room with all of my housemates for a few hours. This was stupid considering I had work bright and early the next morning, but ended up being fairly important. We were pretty lucky to be awake for what ensued.


We went to bed close to 4:00, and as my roommate and I were laying down, the second my head hit the pillow we saw strobes across our upstairs window, heard a loud bang, and a horrible grinding noise. I hopped out of bed and informed my roommate that something had definitely gone down on the main road outside our house, and a car was pulled over with hazards on. He looked out the window and pointed out that my car seemed to be pushed over from where it was parked, and it definitely looked that way. We ran outside.

The hazards were from a kind witness who waited until the officers showed up to leave (read: until sunrise). Apparently, a Nissan Rogue came flying from across the street, blew a stop sign, went across a state route and into our front yard. He then hit the edge of our driveway and caught my right-rear quarter, which lifted the rear of my mint, low-mileage 03 Mercedes C230k Sport 6mt off of the ground and shuffled it sideways a few feet, inches from my roommate’s Rav4. The driver then attempted to take off, and as we were inspecting the damage we could hear him grinding down the main road. Officers were called, but we realized he would not be making it very far.

He was caught, and the responding officer informed me that he was detained for DUI. Where it gets hairy; our house was on the line of our college town and a tiny neighbor town, so the driver of the other car was arrested over the line of our college town. He grew up in the small town, and since the accident occurred in the small town, all charges were brought through the police department of said small town. When I obtained the police report, the suggested “DUI” had been expunged from the report.

Insurance ended up being kind of a nightmare, but the Mercedes ended up being repaired to be as good as new. The other vehicle was totaled. Had my Benz not stopped that Rogue, it would have been in the living room of our shack with all of us in the house and my roommate and I sleeping directly above it.


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