Albiet, it is a small fleet of only two, well, three if you count the boat.

2018 Tiguan SE 4Motion, new DD for the wife. Doggo is sad he can’t hang out in the golden oak leather interior, which was a big selling (erm, leasing) point. I tried really hard to convince my wife on the orange exterior, but she wasn’t having it. The grey seems bland, but it has some serious flake in it and looks green, blue, grey, or brown depending on the light.


(picture from the internet).

Not as nice as the Marrakesh brown in in the Alltrac, but still a great color. 2nd row is HUGE, like fullsize pickup crew cab big and the rear doors swing out as much as or more than the front doors. Plenty of rear cargo area too, as we didn’t need the third row. It even has an off road mode (!!) which I plan on testing out next month on the beach. All in all, its soft and compliant but its still a VW so it looks the part, making it nicer to be in and look at than the CRVs, Hyundais, and Rav4s that are all over the place. Bigly upgrade over her 2010 Versa, should make a nice baby hauler if all goes as planned in the future.

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