My wife and I bought a 2016 GTI with the dirty diesel money for her. She said the only thing she doesn’t like is that it’s too easy to speed, which isn’t a terrible problem to have. I’m really liking the view in the garage now.

The dealership experience was pretty awesome. We bought it from Perillo Downers Grove which is a Bentley/Lamborghini dealership. Turns out Saturday morning when we came down was also when they were holding a big event for the local release of the Huracan Performante. So while we were waiting for the paperwork to get finished up, we sat in a few Aventadors, drooled over the Lamborghinis and Bentleys lined up, and ate some free food that they were grilling. We also looked at their used lot at the multiple M3s, two Alpina B7s, and a few other toys. I would highly recommend purchasing a car from a Lamborghini dealership if you have the opportunity. Also to note, there was no playing games with the price or anything, it was a very pleasant experience throughout the entire process.