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New Air Drop

It’s been a while, Oppo. What’s up with the new clickbait-ad-style layout? I don’t like it. Only slightly-related to that, I’ve got a bit of a backlog of stuff I’ve been meaning to share, so here’s the first of it.

Not pictured: a bunch of pipe running through the attic, angled towards the drop for condensation drainage purposes

I ran a new hard line from the air compressor to the other side of the garage (more or less) for two reasons. One is that I’ll eventually have a dedicated hose over here, which will make it easier to do stuff in the driveway like, you know, filling up tires and stuff. The compressor is in the back of the garage; the new drop is on the front between the doors.


The second and primary reason is that this drop (orange filter), unlike the original one (blue filter), has nearly 50' of hard line between the compressor tank and the filter/drier. This means that the air will cool considerably by the time it makes it to the filter and (because physics) it will actually be dry enough to paint with.

Hopefully all this hard line is also enough to keep the Sharpe and DeVilbiss brand regulator/filter/driers from fighting. It’s like when Fedex and UPS show up at the same time...

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