Not thrilled, but it is what it is. $137 with a six year warranty. The install was pretty ghetto, and if I need to remove the leads I may have quite a bit of trouble. They’re hammered on. On a positive note the AAA guy replaced my cracked positive terminal clamp for free, so there’s that.

Cold cranking amps were basically zero.

The shitty thing is I’ll still need a stronger battery in the future, to handle lights, stereo, and various other electrical projects currently in the works. Optima red top seemed to be ideal for my needs, but at $250ish plus fabricating a battery bracket (it’s a big ass battery) and relocating it to the engine bay... Just wasn’t in the cards right now. I’ll do that this spring/summer and have this AAA unit as an extra battery I guess.

In fairness, I don’t expect the absolute highest-quality work from a young roadside assistance guy. This is fine for emergency-level battery replacement. And I’ll be the first to admit that working in the cramped trunk that Mazda shoved the battery in is a major PITA. He was nice. Punctual, only took twenty five minutes to arrive. All in all, I rate this transaction at a 7/10.

(edit) good news! The locking wrench that’s been holding my positive, cracked lead onto the terminal is finally free! After almost two years I finally get my favorite tool back!