Did a brake and wheel bearing job on the 2000 S10. 1st new brake pads in the whole 15 years of ownership. You can see the pads were quite thin. Put Wagner thermo quiet pads and Timkin bearings. It didn’t really need new bearings but the passenger side had a bit of play and not anymore with the new bearings.

That’s PB blaster, not an oil leak :)

Smells like mechanic school :D

Hammer and round chisel to drive out the races. There are indentions inside the rotor to drive out the races too.


Used the old race to drive in the new one. You know when it is seated :)


Get greasy with the bearings, tighten the castle nut to where you get one rotation or so and no play with the rotor, new cotter pin, and im done! Brake pad instalation took about a minute!

I have a lot better brake control and no more wear sensor noise. I’ll take a look at the drums tomorrow. :0