New brakes on the CX-5 today.

New brakes on my wife’s CX-5 today! We went with Wagner Thermoquiet ceramic pads and Raybestos rotors. Heads up for other CX-5 owners: The CX-5 seems to wear its rear brakes more quickly than the front ones. Our rear rotors and pads were pretty much ready to be replaced but the front ones weren’t bad at all. 43,000 miles on the vehicle.

The front rotors were a tiny bit warped at 32,000 miles or so, so I had them turned. The rears haven’t been touched until they were replaced today.

None of the brakes were in bad shape, really, but since this vehicle transports my wife and newborn son, I’m not skimping on anything. I went ahead and did all 4 pads and rotors for the sake of uniformity and longevity. We don’t plan on getting rid of the vehicle anytime soon, so I figured “Why not?”


Also had my PDR guy stop by the house the other day and he got 4 pretty big dings out of the driver’s door.

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