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New Bronco is neat but...

It’s disappointing that there is no all electric / plug in hybrid / hybrid option... yet. For someone like me the Mach-E is still the more interesting new product from Ford.

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A plug in hybrid Bronco would be sweet. Imagine having 30ish miles of EV range to commute with it “guilt free” (not here for the power plant/ point source pollution / rare earth mineral argument. For me EVs as a big picture are “good”) and still have some petroleum power to use it like a toy on the weekend, or take it out for a longer road trip.

I think it’s a missed opportunity on Ford’s part to not launch the Bronco with a hybrid. Don’t know what exactly they’re missing out on, I just feel like it would be an excellent differentiating feature for it over the Jeep (I’m not holding my breath on the Wrangler 4xE). I’m probably a small part of the market that likes things like the Bronco but can’t bear the social/ actual cost of driving a 4x4 truck for my intracity commute.


I hear the hybrid Bronco and Bronco Sport are in the works, but I won’t be content until I can test drive one.

A plug in hybrid Bronco would be like the Impossible Burger of cars. As the Impossible makes burgers available for vegetarians (pescatarians in my case) the electric Bronco would make 4x4 fun available for environmentally conscious individuals like myself. The self righteous should be able to have fun too.

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