Went to see the new building I will be moving into soon

Pros and cons time


Flagship building for the company, many fancies

half the distance and traffic of my commute

Covered parking that fits my cruiser WITH the roof rack on.

No more parking space fights with crappy pizza place

No more homeless people sleeping in front of the door or throwing up in the bushes outside my window


fancy new desks


Long walks to and from parking

Open plan workspace - boo.

building full of C level leaders and hungry go getters means the casual dress code goes bye bye

Colorful coworker batner likewise goes bye bye

No new eatery options...exactly the same stuff I have now

one single stall bathroom for about 75 people. Why would they do that?

did I mention how much I hate open plan workspaces? I do.

All-in-all it will be a good move. The commute cut alone is going to be great.


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