Some thoughts:

1: I don’t respect cannonball, period. There is fun speeding on deserted roads, or where someone can otherwise guarantee the safety of bystanders. Never cared much for personal safety. Blasting down highways like that is one lane change without checking mirrors away from disaster.


2: That being said, look at all the snobs coming out. “It shouldn’t count” “it will always have an asterisk”. Alex Roy shouldn’t even GET an opinion. Pretty sure they are pissed that some bums beat them with walmart gas cans and duct tape.

3. This could turn out very poorly for them. Would have waited at least a year, until we were in the inevitable “remember how bad that whole quarantine thing was? Ha ha” phase. Feel like this is going to end up in prosecution, when this normally slips under the radar.


4.Ed is the only one that seems reasonable about this. Cannonball is always dangerous and stupid. You could always “hit a truck full of medical supplies and inadvertently kill people” (it’s also an incredibly-unlikely-bordering-on-impossible scenario. You would be way more likely to hit a car filled with kids). What about the pandemic has changed any aspect other than in poor sportsmanship and even poorer taste? The holier-than-thou attitude is ridiculous.

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