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New Car!

I posted last week about the crazy money Chevy was throwing at the Bolt.

Well, I put my money where my mouth is and ended up in a fully loaded Bolt this weekend -

Illustration for article titled New Car!
Illustration for article titled New Car!

We were originally working towards a lower trim. The local advertised rates were $0 drive-off and $199/month for the base LT but we wanted the comfort and driver confidence 1&2 packages that add a lot of the safety gizmos. After a lot of back and forth came to $0 drive-off and $232 a month for a red car with those packages…only to then be told that another customer had put a deposit down on that car so it was no longer available.

And these things were truly flying off the lots – inventory at all the local dealers were dwindling by the day. My guy didn’t have any others coming in, so I told him I’m going to have to go with the competition to get the car I want. It wasn’t a negotiation tactic on my part but it sure worked out that way. He came back and offered the same $232 a month on this fully loaded premier model (not my 1st color choice, but whatever) if I pay the 1st month’s lease fee at signing (all other registration and fees still covered/baked in to price). Sounded like a damn good deal to me.

The car has some nice features I wasn’t going to get on the lower trim that are super nice to have too – mainly the upgraded Bose stereo and a very comprehensive 360 camera system. Our 1.5 year-old loves it too and keeps pointing at it shouting “New Car!” wanting to go for a ride.

Now the trusty ZHP that has been doing DD duty the last few months can go back in the garage, and I’ll be able to keep freshening it back up (lately haven’t had time to get it on stands and start working on anything as I always needed to have it ready to drive to work the next day).

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