This morning, I bought the car I’ve dreamed about since I was 12/13 - a naturally-aspirated C900. Yeah, I know, I was a strange kid. The NA version is cool cuz nobody wants it, less goes wrong and the engine bay is so much easier to work in.

It feels extremely solid mechanically and the body is really really clean, but there are a few little cosmetic things I’m going to have to fix, but I’m thankful since it means I got a serious deal on the car.

Passenger side moulding peeling off. I’m not sure about how to reattach it, but perhaps a couple dabs of silicon would work?


The driver’s side fog light lens is busted and the bracket was a bit bent. I bent it back, looks better now, but needs a new lens for sure. The passenger sun visor mirror is loose and needs to be anchored in the frame as well.


There’s one nasty clouded spot on the hood, but it looks like the car hasn’t been waxed in a loooong time, so I imagine it’ll come out with some polish and buffing. I’m so excited about this thing. Got some leather conditioner on it and it looks remarkably good inside.