New car bandwagon

So I got a new (to me) car about a month ago. It’s a 2016 Lexus RC 200t to replace my E39 540i (which got declared a total loss from a bus sideswiping me and yes I’m fine, thank God it was only ~10mph). It’s my first car with a turbo, paddle shifters, blind spot monitoring, back up camera, parking sensors and other electronic gizmos and while it’s pretty fun messing around with them, there’s a lingering question in the back of mind, “How much is it going to cost when they break/malfunction?”

Anyway enjoy these pics courtesy of my potato hands.


I love these wheels. Curb rashing these is now my eternal fear. Also old habits die hard. Still parking like a bimmer asshat.


Bonus Miss Mercedes bait. Apparently it’s getting a ceramic coating, which I’ll be getting in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for that.


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