So I recently came into the possession of a Honda Accord. Not the most exciting car purchase by a long shot but it’s definitely an improvement over the 1997 Civic we got rid of.

It’s a 2007 EX-L with the V6. It had almost 100K on the dot when I bought it. I bought it off a guy that was selling it for his mom. The thing is EXTREMELY CLEAN with the exception of a couple door dings in the driver’s door that I chalk up to being driven by an older lady. Also, it came with a file cabinet’s worth of paperwork from the dealer.

I was looking at getting an Acura RL but ended up deciding against it (the one I looked at was salvage titled) and went with this instead.

Initial Observations:

  • This Car feels so HEAVY
  • The steering is also heavy ( I think I like zipping around roundabouts in my Camry over this)
  • The V6 is nice but I never feel like I am going very fast
  • It is very smooth and quiet
  • I love driving it on the highway though. This is a great road trip car.

This weekend I treated the Accord to its first Clay Bar and Waxing. Before I started, I had to de-badge it though...


After. Much Cleaner.


Next Up. Clay Bar Time. I’ve been using this Kit from Mothers for a couple years and I think it does a good job for the price. I don’t show any of my cars.


Next Up. Waxing Time... This time I’m using Meguiar’s Canauba Wax. I don’t love it or hate it. It’s perfectly adequate. I usually run 2 coats on my cars. 1 just isn’t enough.

Premium. More like “Premium”


Finished Product turned out pretty good for a 9 year old car that probably hasn’t had this much attention in a long time.


All Shined Up