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New Car...For My Wife

In the past 4 years my wife has stood by my side while I chase down cars that are anything but practical (Elise, classic mini, Viper, old gas guzzling benzes). In fact, after I sold the Elise I decided to get back into the hatchback world. I wanted to be practical for our family. I checked out the MB GLA250 and the Subaru Outback.

I also continued my addiction of looking at cars on the internet and made jokes about getting a Viper. One day, my wife said “just get the Viper” as I was weighing the pros and cons of the current hatchback market. In about a week I was on a plane to Houston to buy an 02 and drive it home.

During all these years of car shows, going on cruises with me and other enthusiasts, and simply borrowing my cars, she has been rocking a base model, silver, 2008 Toyota Camry.


Not too long ago, my wife said the next car would be hers.We looked at tons of stuff, but she was determined to get something “fast and fun.” She looked at cars that ranged from Jeep SRT to Lotus Evora to a Mazda 3 to a C7 to another classic mini.

Recently I found a great deal on a 2008 Porsche Cayman S (manual of course). Laura test drove it and when she came back she was all giddy and the salesman told me while I was driving it that he was super impressed with how well she could drive manual (made me so proud since I was the one that taught her, but at the same time I wanted to smack him for assuming a girl couldn’t drive stick).

Only picture I have so far.

I threw a low offer at the salesman (about 2k less than I thought it was worth and 3.5k less than they had it listed) and he came back apologetically and said that the best they could do was $350 over my offer. I bit my lip to stop from smiling and asked for a few minutes to talk it over with Laura. Of course we took it.


This car is incredible. I keep begging her to let me drive it. Will write more about it later, but super happy and proud that my beautiful wife is now driving an amazing car and loving every minute of it. The first night she told me she was too excited to sleep and kept going to the garage to look at it. She wrote an email to my Granddad and father showing them the car and told them that she is happy to be a part of a family that enjoys cars so much and thanked all of us for helping her learn to enjoy them as well.

Seeing her drive away in the Cayman, smiling from ear to ear, while I followed behind in the“bland” and “boring” Camry has been one of best car experiences of my life.

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