Im thinking about selling the Forester XT 5 sp for a more utility vehicle, something that can pull a trailer and I need some help deciding. Here is where Im at:

4 doors

V6 or equiv.



Not a full size

Preferably stick but auto is alright in this category as well

I was thinking about an 80's series cruiser

My uncle is an engineer with Toyota California, has 2 of these (and some FJ40's) and wants to open an offroad shop here in Utah when he retires based on the LC, so I could have support and parts but its huge, sucks down gas and is slow as crap (even with the supercharger)

a Nissan Xterra offroad

These are relatively cheap, good engines, and you can get them with the 6 speed manual.


or something...else. Maybe a Tacoma or frontier

I would prefer something that averaged closer to 20 mpg since it will be my DD but I actually do go offroad with the family and want to pull at 3000 lbs camper trailer. The forester has been a great mostly street machine, but im ready to move into something a more utilitarian.


Any help?