Well, I have officially done it, I have purchased the car I have hunted for about 16 months.

Here she is: I present to you my 2012 BMW 335i XDrive M-Sport Coupe with a Manual.

It has every option I wanted, with the exception of the exterior being black, but I wasn’t too fussy on the colour. The only modification on the car is the Dinan Stage 1 Suspension kit (front spring, front dampers, rear springs, rear dampers and rear struts). I may also add the BMW factory Power Pack when I take the car in for it’s next service (before winter) as the car still has 3 years of warranty left on it.

(These are the pictures from the dealership)


We bought it from Edmonton BMW, and then proceeded to drive it up to Yellowknife, where it will live until I drive it back down to Edmonton for winter storage.

I have wanted one of these cars since I walked out of university in 2008, and there was a silver 335i coupe sitting outside. Someone made a comment on being able to get it with AWD, and I was sold immediately.


Currently, I don’t plan on driving it up here in the frozen north during winter (above the 60th parallel) as it get down to -40° regularly. But I am looking forward to driving it all summer, and into as far into fall as possible, then driving it south for service and storage.


So far, it is amazing on gas on the highway, much quieter around town than my other cars, but slower around an autocross track than a lightly modified SRT-4 driven like a pissed off teenager. It will get a little sideways on track, but you have to be very aggressive, with everything off.


It was a (very large) present to myself for both my birthday, and on achieving my Professional Engineering designation! It only took 7 years, but if you work hard, you can reach your goals.


I know it’s not a Ferrari, or even a Corvette, but this was my dream car in and after University.
It is not an M3, and I don’t mistake it for one, but as an everyday car, I think this is the perfect recipe. Inline 6, with boost, manual transmission, AWD for adverse conditions and just getting home, and a very sexy shape, if I do say so myself. I have really enjoyed the first month of ownership.


The car will not be going back to Edmonton, as we are moving back to Toronto!
I will be back in town on the 19th of Sept. Any auto-cross going on that weekend?