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Oppo it has been a while since I’ve posted here. I’ve checked in from time to time but haven’t been much of a contributor in almost a full calendar year For the first time in about 10 years I’ve kept a car til the 1 year mark. Can’t really complain much about the car but it feels weird not switching things up. For reference this is my current vehicle:


I’ve put about 17k miles on it with no issues at all. It’s performed admirably in any weather or road condition. Taxes are on their way to my account soon and I’m debating on whether to keep the GTI or move onto something else.


The thought of a RWD coupe has been bearing down on me recently. Would love to have one before life’s responsibilities of a wife and kids weigh me down. The only thing is I have family ride with me from time to time so the back seats have to be livable which has me leaning in the direction of a Challenger.

But at this time I’m considering any RWD vehicle as long as it is rewarding to drive. If it’s automatic it has to be a great gearbox and not a lazy one, preferably DCT.


Anyway Oppo what do you think? Spend money and mod or abandon ship for my next adventure before my budget gets locked down?

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