In the interests of time I eneded up with, not Petrol Blue Metallic, Emerald Green Metallic or Velvet Red Metallic but Cappuccino Beige Metallic.

Yes I know I didn’t want the green because I thought it would make me look a little too old but the lead times for anything other than the Cappuccino Beige Metallic and Black Magic Pearlescent is 16 weeks (I don’t have that sort of patience). The beige and several black ones are already in the system and can get the beige one in the first week of March.

I’ve asked for the removal of any existing wheels to be replaced with Pegasus wheels like on Piglet, if they aren’t already on.


((the car below is for illustration purposes and not the actual car)).

The only real update is the infotainment screen, it’s now all touch except the two buttons at the bottom corners.



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