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For my good friend. Some idiot pulled out onto the freeway at about 5mph into oncoming traffic with no signal. Right in front of my buddy, who had no time to stop. There were witnesses, and the guy is being held completely responsible, so there’s that at least.

The Civic has been totalled by insurance, and has enough frame damage to make repairing not worthwhile. Which means time to look for a new ride.


$4000 max, the further under the better. Current top considerations are a Miata, or buy the same car and swap parts over. Any recommendations would be appreciated, he’s in the Seattle area and a total car guy like us. Manual required, RWD would be nice but not a dealbreaker. Just a fun car that won’t break the bank.

Bonus points if you have any good suggestions for what to do with the old car. I’m thinking there’s enough left over to make a pretty cool go-cart

You will be missed

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