Few days ago, I asked you guys what should I get, and I might end up with a car that wasn’t even on the list.

My wife threw a wrench in my search - she wants a new car too. Her 2013 RAV4 is too slow for her, she wants something comparable in size and height, but faster. I had her test drive a Juke Nismo RS and a Forester XT. She loved the XT, hated the Nismo. Surprisingly, I did too - amazing seats, suede everywhere, unique look, but that CVT on the AWD model is such a let down for that car - it makes 211 HP feel like 140 HP. Hit the gas from start, and after of few second of noise the car start moving. XT has a CVT as well, so much better executed that the Juke Nismo RS. According to Car and Driver, XT is only .5 seconds faster 0-60, but it feels about 3 seconds faster.

So, I did some calculations, and decided that over 5 years, I’d end up almost the same regardless if I buy out the Pilot, buy a new XT for myself as well, or lease a cheaper car. So, the search is on for two XTs, one in white for my wife and one in Dark gray for me. Wife’s car will cost us $3-5000 more over the next 5 years, but she deserves it :)

Heuberger motors in Colorado Springs - larges Subaru dealership in the USA - provided me with a written quote which is $1000 under invoice, $27765 for the car. Now we play the game of “what’s your trade in worth” and “how much can we charge you for junk that we can’t remove as it is already installed on the car” at some local places before b e go down south - Heuberger doesn’t play the add-on game at all. We are checking with local dealerships first as we are some 90 min away from Heuberger, but their honest prices and no bullshit tactics will probably just make us go there tonight.


BTW, I just found a new stealership trick - Autonation Subaru on Arapahoe gave us a decent number for a trade - not nearly as good as it could or should have been - but had the guts to tell me we need to pay $620 for detailing and safety inspection before they can sell the car - per car! They also had something worth $400 per new car that “they can’t remove” and I “have to buy” and wouldn’t budge on it. It was some sort of interior protection product, more insurance than anything. I bought two Outbacks there before, needless to say I won’t be buying my new cars there again. That was $2040 in extra crap they wanted to tack on... and then they wonder why people have such bad opinion about dealerships.

Good thing is I am in no hurry to buy. It would probably make a ton of sense for me to just sell these privately and call it a day, and unless I get decent trade offers, I might just do that. I just hate dealing with tire kickers on craigslist, and we don’t own the titles, and that is always a hassle.


Wish me luck. Dealership experience always drains me.