I hate it. I need to air this out the rest of the day.

I got this bad boy for 6 large off MSRP. Multiple discounts.

Compared to the mini? Definitely bigger. Power comes on early, no bog. (thank you car Jesus) Suprisingly lower band, but I am obviously not redlining it until out of the break in period. Pedals are kinda bouncy, but otherwise the car is great.


Option wise, it is kind of a stripper. Compared to the mini though, all I am down are heated leatherette seats. Man am I going to miss those seats. I am up bluetooth, .4 liters of engine, 6 years of warranty, a full spare, A backup camera, and much better tires. Would have liked the recaros and the moonroof, but I don’t shit money. The cloth seats are fine. I am going to really enjoy putting a USB with a full library and just leaving it in the car. Going to have to mess around with it.

Funny note, the car was missing the interior trunk floor panel, leaving the spare exposed. also, the dealer that MY dealer traded this for took off the rear disc brake shipping covers, but left the fronts on. Dealer just gave me a new floor panel.

Now there are three Ford vehicles in my parent’s driveway and the T/A is starting to feel ganged up on, I think. I’ll have to even that out with an AM General m998. Stay tuned folks.

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