So...I’m conflicted. I think I’m itching for a new car. I just moved to Colorado with my 2007 S60R. We just hit 89,000 Miles, and I’ve owned it since 45,000. The engine is still super strong - I’ve been told by multiple Volvo Mechanics that mine is oddly quicker than other R’s. I got the suspension completely refreshed 8,000 miles ago as well.

However, as of now, the sunroof is broken (it went off the rails and grinds every time I use it) - it’s like an $1,100 repair. Now I wouldn’t sell a car because of that, but a major reason I want to may want to get rid of it is because of how I treat it.

To me, the R is a high-maintenance girlfriend, and I’m an overprotective boyfriend. She needs work done somewhat often and she doesn’t have cheap taste. Me, on the other hand makes sure nobody get’s close to her, and ultimately I just worry and stress a lot over her wellbeing. I could go more into detail, but I’ll just say our relationship is somewhat toxic.

Anyway, I’m not completely sold on the idea of selling, as there’s a good chance that my mentality will just rub off onto the next car.

My requirements:
- Below $26,000
- Can be new/used or a lease
- 4-Doors
- Manual or a really, really good automatic
- NEEDS a sunroof
- Slightly more ground clearance (granted, my R is lowered)
- Reliable (that’s in italics because my definition of reliable is very lax compared to many people)

So far, I’ve considered:

Pre-Owned Outback XT. Finding a manual will be borderline impossible and will command a lot of cash. Not sure it’s really worth it all said and done.


2007-2010 BMW X3 Manual. Not entirely sold on it, and again, finding in manual will be borderline impossible.

2011+ Jeep Wrangler Sahara Manual

2015 (new) Nissan Juke. Call me crazy, but I love this thing. Too bad you can only get a CVT with AWD and in SL Form. No Nismo - I think it’s tacky.


2015 (new) Subaru XV Crosstrek. I like these things a lot - I’d just without a doubt have to cut a hole in the roof for a sunroof.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading. Here’s a video of me a year ago badly breaking the law for your time :)