Already? Yes, its been 3 years and our leases are up. So goodbye Ram 1500 V6 and Durango GT V6, and hello.... one of these?

2020 Escape Hybrid, or 2020 Cherokee Limited/Trailhawk?
2020 Escape Hybrid, or 2020 Cherokee Limited/Trailhawk?

We’re downsizing, given our commute and business hours, and since I work for a combo Ford/FCA dealer I can get employee pricing on either brand(s).


The Durango has proven to be too big and troublesome, so keeping it is out of the question. So is a similarly sized vehicle. Ditto for the Ram.

So its got us looking at Cherokees, and Escapes. I do NOT like the looks of the Escape’s nose, but since we’re looking SPECIFICALLY at a hybrid, I can forgive the looks for the MPG and tech. Maybe in a dark color it won’t be so bad.

Its easier across the board to get into a Jeep, but to get the features we want (heated seats, wheels, adaptive cruise being the big ones) we have to get higher trim levels like a Limited or Trailhawk. Can’t get what we (I) want on a North edition, or Upland, which are like baby-Trailhawks. All the other trim levels are too car-like and have puny tires unbecoming a true JEEP. Maybe I am being too picky.... but it does nudge the price close to $40k on a Cherokee to get all the safety and comfy features.

The Escape Hybrid, however, is around $35 fully loaded. All the tech I want in the Jeep is a $3k package for the Ford. Plus its a fancy Hybrid and 43MPG sounds niiiiiiice.


So what would Oppo choose?

Now, I am not shopping other brands because I’m lazy and I don’t want to deal with another dealer, and living out where I do its a HIKE to the nearest Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, etc dealer. Plus, y’know, employee benefits,

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