Today I started my journey of looking at new cars. I am trying to stay open in what I want. I would like for it to have a sticker of $28,000 or less and the idea is fun to drive for the price. But I have one issue, I'm a little tall. Only 6'5", not too tall. This still rules some cars out. So far I didn't fit in the BRZ my number one choice. Nor the Civic Si, I didn't want one of them anyway I just tried because I was driving by the dealer. So I think I need somewhere around 39" of front headroom or so.

Cars I am considering:

Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec:

Drove one today, drove well. I liked the interior roominess,but it did not have abundant power. The R-Spec doesn't have cruise control, how dumb is that?

Subaru Impreza WRX:

Haven't driven one even though my dad has one. He says it is a lot of fun (anything would be after a 4 cylinder Accord), but to be ready for the shifter. He has the factory short throw and says it isn't that short of a throw. Rode in a 2012 WRX at an autocross last week, the shifter was tall like a truck. Good thing is WRX's are proved to be awesome and I should fit fine.

Mazda Speed3:

I drove a base Mazda3 in 2009 and it drove well. The added power should be nice. Was thinking RWD, but we'll see after I drive one.


Ford Focus ST:

Never driven a Focus, so I don't know what to expect. I hear the new ones are better than previous generations but I'm thinking outside the box this car so I will look at one.

Ford Fiesta ST:

Not sure if I will fit? Or satisfy my needs of power? Or if I can even find one.

I ruled out the VW GTI and the Miata as well. No VW's or convertibles.

Edit: I would have pretty pictures but this is my first post and I haven't figured that out yet, got an error saving the post.