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This is my wishlist for the decade. Some of this may be heresy, but I’d like to think I am speaking for the people here. Specifically for US Market Drivers. Hear me, car-gods.

  • TLX Type-S (pictured above?) With a wagon version? Why was the TSX Estate FWD, anyway? What happened to the TL? I’m sad.
  • 2020 2-door Gladiator and 2-door Gladiator Shortbed (Scrambler)
  • 2020 Impreza RS Coupe
  • 2020 Honda Passport with a stick and an thicc Acura Clone w/ SH-AWD. Call it the SLX. (ok, maybe not.) Or you know, just give us a stick-shift Passport.
  • An Acura-badged version of the current-gen Civic Type R, called the Integra GS-R. And yes, if you can integrate bug-eyes into the current design language, go for it.
  • A Polestar-V8 widebody of the XC90 called the XC90R.
  • A new Volvo C30.
  • A New FJ-Cruiser. (Must have three windshield wipers and removable top.)
  • A replacement for the Ecoboost Mustang with even weirder headlights, a rear wing, and call it the SVO.
  • A Volvo 240 Turbo Kit Car you can order and build from Polestar.
  • A historic tribute edition of the 2020 Bronco that comes with a white roof, black steelies, and Forest Service Green body. (I’m really hoping for this to happen. Ford, send me one please.)
  • A GMC-version- for commercial purposes- of the Colorado with a fully-electric drivetrain. Either “Cheyenne” or Hummer HT-E Professional.
  • Aussie production stuff, like a Falcon FPV, but built in Canada. They may not have Kangaroos up there, but I feel Moose to be analog to them... like Tim Horton’s to Marmite... they’ll send nice stuff down to us right?
  • A Sirocco or A Corrado... with a stick.
  • A faster Kia Stinger... with a stick.
  • A 2021 Buick GTX/GNX/GSX. Something fast and incomparably matte black.
  • Pontiac

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