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New chunky shoes

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I procured a set of unused Cooper Discoverer AT3s for the low low price of FREE. They’re about 0.5" too tall (WJs can take a 30" inch tire with no lift, these are 30.5" 245/75/16), but I can stomach a bit of rubbing if it means free tires.


Also got the new cam sensor in. With that, there are absolutely no ECU codes and this thing will pass state inspection with flying colors. I have an appointment on friday to register it.

All this thing needs now are just a few random niggles like a headlight restoration, treating the faded cladding, and for me to replace the blown dash tweeters.


Oh, and also one of the lug nuts is completely rounded and preventing me from changing the last tire but thanks to the magic of denial I’m pretending that’s not the massive problem it really is.

Photo: Me

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