New Citroën C4 Cactus Breaks Cover, Is Exactly Like Concept Car

Citroën has done it again.

Remember the C4 Cactus concept from a few months ago ? It was supposed to bring about a new era of innovation for Citroën, with a car that's simple, user-friendly and just plain different. It would be unpretentious and honest. Contrast-colored "Airbump" rubber protections would protect the bodywork, it would have front as well as rear bench seats, an uncluttered cabin and rounded yet distinctive styling.


How much of that actually made it to production ? All of it.

Seriously : they've added windows. That's it. Appart from that, it's a concept car being brought straight to the streets, with everything that made it an interesting and different proposition completely preserved.


Citroën set out seven years ago to create a car that would offer simple, non-stressful motoring for today's average car buyer. A car that doesn't have frightening looks, outstanding performance or complicated features, because that isn't what most people need. What they need is a friendly, simple, usable yet likable vehicle. The automotive equivalent of a sunny Sunday afternoon.

And here it is, straight from the design board, courtesy of Citroën.

Pictures : Carscoops.

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