I’ve owned 4 cars with manual transmissions, yet have avoided clutch replacements until now. I knew I needed to do it after a valet garage I park at for work refused to park it, due to how hard it was to shift. Of course, the one car I had to replace it on just so happened to be the most expensive to do so.

South Bend Stage 2 clutch: $1065
Audi OEM Flywheel: $1304
Labor: 10ish hours (requires dropping the entire transmission)


I was quoted around $6,000 from Audi, and got rates from just about every reputable indy Audi mechanic in the Greater Denver area, with quotes ranging from $3,300-$4,500. Nearing 100k, I considered replacing the entire car. Yet, I ended up going to my usual Audi Mechanic, as their estimate was about $3,700, including parts, and a warranty (they also threw in an oil change for me).

They ended up being able to salvage the original flywheel, saving me $1,300 amongst other fees.

In the end, I had no clue how terrible my stock clutch was. Being AWE Tuned, it was too much power for the stock clutch. The clutch was incredibly heavy, engagement wasn’t smooth, and I could start the car in 3rd gear. You definitely can feel the tune now...plus, it’s way more noticeable as to how much better the non-OEM shiftknob feels.


Next Step: Suspension refresh

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