You might remember the epic fail that the gods of marketing caused when they decided we needed a “new” Coke. I wonder if Chevy is setting themselves up for a similar fail with the upcoming rear engine C8 Corvette Zora.

Towing to races gives me lots of time to observe what people drive. And on any given weekend I see a lot of guys driving their Vette’s . I have to wonder how many present Vette owners really lust for a rear engine car. Especially the guys having convertibles who will now have to settle on a “targa”. Chevy brand marketing might believe present Vette owners will “get over it” but will they?

Harley hasn’t messed with Vee twin. Porsche stepped back from the brink before retiring the 911. I have to wonder whether Chevy will end up with a new Vette that is only popular with people who won’t buy a Vette anyway.

Today I saw dozens of cruising C5/6/7 Vettes as I took the 90 mile drive back from the concert. Will any of those guys want a completely foreign layout car to replace their present Corvette? I gotta wonder.


If I were in Chevy leadership, I would have named the new rear engine car as a “Z1 - Corvette Zora” and continued the C7 Stingray at least until the market states a preference. If they did that, I suspect the “C” front engine formula would be around for a long time.