New Critters

One of my tree frogs (an Amazon Milk Frog to be specific; pictured below) Has died:( He lived a good long life (almost 10 years) so I’m not too sad. I’ve had a terrarium setup with plants for months with plans for dart frogs. Since the tree frog died and there was reptile expo this weekend. I got some new pals!

RIP Moss

I bought two Ranitomeya variabilis a.k.a “Splash Back Poison Frog” or “Zimmerman’s Poison Frog”. For those of you who don’t know, these frogs aren’t poisonous and only are in the wild because of their diet.


I haven’t picked names yet but they’ll likely be Tarantino characters as most our our pets are. They are super cool! I’ve always had tree frogs which are almost all nocturnal and pretty lazy even when they are awake. Darts are diurnal and they are super active all of the time. They climb all over the place.


Also, my wife wanted a baby sulcata tortoise so I bought her one and she name him Spike. With our budding farm and my wife’s green thumb we always have supplies at the ready for new animals.


I cleaned the large terrarium that housed the frog who died and began planting it. I’ll let it grown in for a couple of months, then get some more frogs or move over some who need a fresh terrarium.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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