Resentment had been growing for my shitty 2000 GMC Yukon Denali. It’s not that GMT400 trucks are junk, they’re not, but this particular one is. So now it’s been replaced by something completely and totally in all ways different: a GMT800 Tahoe. See! Totally different!

This is, as far as trucks like this go, a very nice one. Oddly it’s an AWD system with a selectable 4-low, not the regular 4wd system you typically see, and I’m fine with that since if my wife ever has to drive it there will be less to do if the weather is bad.


It’s a 5.3 (my wife’s 05 Escalade is a 6.0, so I don’t know how to feel about that), 170k-ish miles, cold air, radio works, rear entertainment, almost new Cooper Discoverer tires.

Only issue seems to be with the stability control. It sometimes bogs, acting like it thinks a wheel is spinning so it cuts power. But when I turn the system off, no issues at all. To that end I have to believe it’s at best a wheel speed sensor and at worst the Stabilitrak control module. Either way not the end of the world.


For all this big ass American iron, I’m paying $2500 from a small local dealer/repair shop. I feel really good about the truck for the money, especially considering it’s closer than I’m comfortable admitting to what I paid for the aforementioned GMT400 Denali.